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Multipoint locking system with automatic lock

The new autoLock AV3 automatic multi-point locking system has a magnetic trigger in the frame. Two self-locking sturdy hooks provide security and two sealing elements ensure correct closure. An optional daytime release function can be integrated with easy one-handed operation or motorised release.

Quick, secure and silent

The autoLock AV3 locking system from Winkhaus is an automatic multi-point locking system with independently acting hooks for claw action and sealing elements for a dynamic contact pressure. By pulling the door closed, the sealing elements and the sturdy hook are triggered by means of a magnetic release on the frame and the door is secured against undesired entry. This ensures that the door always remains securely locked and remains firmly in its frame even without additional locking.
The sturdy hooks, sealing elements and latch can be retracted manually using the locking cylinder or door handle.
autoLock AV3 is suitable for wooden, PVC-U and aluminium doors.

Frame-side magnetic release

The frame-side magnetic release enables a defined triggering of the automatic locking.

Sturdy hooks and sealing elements

The AV3 sealing elements ensure a dynamic contact pressure independently of the sturdy hooks such that the door seals remain compressed and the door remains closed in the locked position.
The AV3 sturdy steel hooks can always completely bar the closed door and automatically assure a deep claw engagement behind the keep and thereby prevent the door stile and frame from pulling apart. In addition, the AV3 sturdy hooks are automatically secured against being pushed back after unbolting. This means that the automatic locking device ensures stringent security even without additional locking of the door by means of the main lock housing.

Automatic multi-point locking system with integrated motorised opening function. 

The blueMatic AV3-E is an automatic multi-point locking system with integrated motorised opening function. The automatic function is based on the mechanical autoLock AV3 and can be conveniently unlocked via motor at the push of a button. 

The motorised automatic locking system enables the massive hooks and sealing elements to automatically grip the keep rail when the door is pulled shut – automatic security and sealing! But the blueMatic AV3-E offers even more convenience. The locked door can be easily opened via remote control or intercom system. The hooks, sealing elements and latch can be retracted at the push of a button, granting immediate entry through the closed door. This is not only convenient, but elegant as well.

The motorised components can also be retrofitted into an existing Winkhaus autoLock AV3 automatic locking system. An additional revolving door drive is also available as an option.

A daytime latch can be integrated into the latch deadbolt keep to release the door for a certain period of time, much like an electric release with daytime service mode.


Reliable security and function

Stable hooks made from chrome-plated steel engage deep in the keep rail of the frame. But that’s not all: the deadbolts are securely fixed in place in the locked position. This means that the door frame and door stile are held together with the highest possible locking force – a significant increase in burglary prevention. Yet the closing mechanism is still smooth-running and convenient. The sturdy protection can be increased even further. With the hookLock M4 tie bolt, four hooks in addition to the main deadbolt work to keep intruders out. Solid materials and precise processing guarantee extraordinary stability and a long service life.


  • Sturdy hook with claw action
  • Smooth-running closing thanks to optimal dead lock contour
  • Suitable for burglary-resistant doors according to DIN EN 1627-30 RC1 – RC3
  • Pressure adjustment in the keep/keep rail +/- 2mm
  • Hook blocked against being pressed back in fully locked position
  • Lock housing closed on all sides, in line with all standard/tested door signs/rosettes in accordance with DIN 18251
  • Main deadbolt made of steel, matt chrome-plated
  • Key bit load-free in locked position for easier key insertion
  • Actuation of the hook via the locking cylinder with 2-revolution lock design, also available in handle-actuation design
  • Various distances
  • Large selection of backsets
  • For wooden, aluminum and PVC-U doors


  • Entryguard for concealed assembly and immediate unlocking from the outside. Only opens by a small gap to protect from intruders
  • For Swiss round cylinders (e.g. Kaba)
  • panicLock M design according to DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 (with integrated smoke and fire protection suitability)
  • DIN direction adjustable (depending on the version)