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Mailbox SP1-DR-2×4

Model: SP1-DR-2×4

A throw-in system built from interconnected panels, consisting of individual mailboxes for multiple recipients. Installed on aluminum or steel door profile. Correspondence is delivered through the outer side of the mailbox and picked up by the owner of the box from the inside.

Construction and equipment (example in the picture):

  1. Six letter panels
  2. Double entryphone panel (analog entryphone)
  3. Aluminum front panel with throw-in slots and entryphone accessories
  4. Colorless plastic apertures to place the owner’s sign or to view the correspondence
  5. Two keys for each panel

The picture depicts an example configuration.

Dimensions of a single box, three versions to choose from (W x H x D)

  1. SP1-DR-D: 380 mm x 110 mm x 260 mm
  2. SP1-DR-B: 275 mm x 110 mm x 370 mm
  3. SP1-DR-F: 380 mm x 140 mm x 260 mm

Dimensions of a slot (W x H):

  1. SP1-DR-D and SP2-DR-F: 330 mm x 20 mm
  2. SP1-DR-B: 230 mm x 20 mm