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ALIPLAST roller hinge

  • stylish design following the latest trends
  • high quality
  • functionality: easy and independent adjustment in 3 axes
  • variety: use within different systems
  • operational safety: 14 CE strength class

Regulation range:

  • Height adjustment: -5 to 5mm
  • Left / right adjustment: -1,5* to 2,5 mm
  • Front / back seal adjustment: -1,5 do 1,5 mm

– 2,5mm for aluminum systems with 6mm distance

Door hinge for aluminum profiles. Adjustable in three positions: horizontal, vertical and in pressure of the gasket; each adjustment is independent from the others and can be carried out when the door is in the closed position and by an operator only. Anti-theft system included. Tested with 160 kg load during 1.000.000 cycles.

Available in: 67, 86, 93 mm.