Why Darmex?

Best price/quality ratio

Manufactory – our doors are handmade

Professionalism and reliability

20 years of experience

Modern compositions, unique design

Individual offers for most demanding customers

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation


Front door - what to choose?

The main question that arises while buying a new front door is usually:

  • Shall l I buy a cheap door that stays within my budget?
  • Or shall I buy a top-class front door, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and first-rate accessories?

DARMEX answers: Have both! Why? Because DARMEX doors offer the best price to quality ratio. Our doors are beautiful, durable, secure and affordable. Our profiles, decorative panels and accessories will fulfill even the highest expectations.

Do not buy twice! High quality is an investment and a frugality. Beautiful doors decorate the building and increase its value.

Excellent door, excellent investment – DARMEX

Aluminium Doors

We cooperate with companies

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