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– three-chamber system
– thermal insulation coefficient: Uf in the range of 0.6 – 1.23 W / m2K
– application of 45mm thermal break made of innovative materials
– sound insulation coefficient: Rw in the range 34 – 48 (-2, -5) dB
– 90mm installation depth profiles
– door hinges with a very high load capacity available
– new way of profile overlapping with glass (increased depth significantly improves the thermal and structural properties of the system)
– innovative drainage system (no drain plugs are visible)
– same type of corner and T-shaped connector in the outer and inner chambers (result: number of accessories reduced, faster fabrication)
– the same type of insulation in the window sash and in the window frame
– reduced amount of glazing and gaskets, yet maintaining glazing consistency depending on the package thickness
– new corner type, collision-avoiding screw/corner when screwing up the hardware fittings under PVC groove
– outer glazing available
– STAR solutions will allow designing constructions that connect other Aliplast systems (Luxus, Steel Look, Vision) with STAR
– modern design