Code keypad can be integrated into all types of aluminum and PVC doors. The keypad is compatible with almost every electromechanical and electromagnetic lock. Specially adapted cable enables the connection (Plug & Play) and allows an efficient integration of the reader in the process of door production.

Thoughtful security

The stainless steel keypad has the same blocking mechanism as ATMs. In case of a deliberate tampering, the blocking mechanism is activated. However, the authorized person can unlock this mechanism easily. To completely eliminate the risk of tampering, an encrypting process of highest security has been implemented.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Compatible with electromechanical and electromagnetic locks
  • Encrypted communication
  • Unique – combination of internal and external units
  • Smart lock against tampering
  • Keypad made of stainless steel with a sealed casing
  • Short user’s manual, administration directly on the keypad
  • Optimal height for installing (from 1.2 m) – also for children

Product Description